Weekend joys

Hi nice to be back once again from the hectic course of events I have had this weekend just gone. Well after a long hard afternoon recording down at the #radio station I came home full to the brim with new innovations and ideas for my radio show, I’d spent the Friday afternoon #recording with the #author Kevin Swarbrick, after setting up in studio 3 and doing #soundchecks on #microphones 1&2 we were ready to start #recording a show to be aired on the Saturday, firstly we devised a #playlist and finely selected a nice order for each tune to be played with subsequent breaks In between for #adverts and #jingles. Kevin initially came on the show to talk about his #promotion which included him telling the listeners about his #books that have been #published and then a short brief of what he is up to at the moment which includes a short conversation regarding Kevin’s “deliciously scandalous #blog tour” basically a local author who fell in love with #writing,he tells us in his story of his personal Knocks in life from childhood memoirs to the demons that tried to force him to stop being #imaginative and #creative, the book “Louie has landed” is a tale about Kevin’s life and love affairs that lead to him pouring his heart out onto pen and paper. I learnt a lot from Kevin and collaborated on some great #ideas for both #producing and #presenting future shows for air…….


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