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First ever Blog

Well it’s like bloody Kansas here Im just waiting for the house to toss into the air and instead of ToTo I’ve got Slugga and Tiggy my teeny weeny chihuahuas I actually do feel snug as a bug wrapped in my feather down quilt, the Tv is just barely on in the corner of the bedroom and my WordPress is serving its purpose very well indeed on this cold windy December morning.

So what is the point of my first blog? Well mainly I’m thinking of writing at least one blog a week to help me with my writing skills and to gain as much experience as I can writing Blogs with a vision of writing weekly blogs for companies or people who basically don’t have time to sit down and write a blog at least once per week.

I am going to aim my blogs at the music industry writing for individuals and also for anything interesting going on in the media. I also work on the radio producing and presenting my own show on 94.4FM Saturday evenings 6Pm-7PM so hopefully my show will tie in with the writing side of things.

So that’s my intro, please stay tuned in with my Blog and my Radio show and feel free to interact with me on the show or hit me up on your Facebook,Twitter and Linked In accounts, catch you all soon have a blustery day I wouldn’t bother with an umbrella you will spend half your time battling against the 80mph gale force whistling wind!

That’s all folks catch you all later.